Inclement Weather Policy

Snow storm plow

Here in New England we get to enjoy seasonal weather changes. At MCC, we have learned to be flexible and make safe choices about our scheduled plans. The safety and well-being of our people is one of our most important concerns.


This is our inclement weather policy, including who makes decisions about closings and how the decision is spread in the community. If you serve in a position of responsibility, please find your leadership role below. 


In Person Sunday Worship Services: 

  1. 1.At 7 am, Pastor (Jenn Gingras, 203-895-5607) and the current Chair of Deacons make the decision whether or not to cancel in-person worship. If in-person worship is cancelled, Jenn will record and upload an abbreviated worship service on by noon (sermon, prayer, announcements)
  2. 2.Jenn notifies staff and key volunteers (who in turn notify those they work with), including Jeanette Cardentey-Morales (203-257-9637), Will Duchon (203-615-3908), Reader, Usher and Trustee of the Day. Jenn sends a church-wide e-mail and posts on FB (MCC-UCC Conversation and Monroe Cong Church Page)
  3. 3.Chair of Deacons notifies CT Weather/IAN Snap, Channel 8 & Channel 3
  4. 4.Committee meetings are cancelled at the discretion of committee chair, although many are held on Zoom at the moment, so weather shouldn’t be a problem!


Sr. & Jr. PF groups will be notified of any changes or cancellations by e-mail, phone tree and/or Facebook notifications as appropriate.

  1. Jenn Gingras (203-895-5607)– Makes and communicates Sr PF decision
  2. Jeanette Cardentey-Morales (203-257-9637) – Makes and communicates Jr PF decision


Evening Meetings: It is the responsibility of the convener to notify the meeting participants of any changes or cancellations.


Midweek Morning Programs: If the Monroe School district either delays or cancels school, morning Bible studies and other church-sponsored morning programs are cancelled.


Church Office: If the Monroe School System is closed, and staff members are able to travel, they may choose to do so if conditions are safe. Otherwise, they may choose to work remotely.


If you have any questions or concerns, please call the church office at 203-268-9327.

For info on parking lot conditions, our plow guy’s name is Adam, his cell is 203-258-8382.

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